TRENDING Sample: How to Use Glitter and Rhinestones for Illusory Makeup

One of New York’s amazing makeup artists recently shocked TikTok with her makeup illusions. @Melbellles showed how simple, smart tricks can change the shape of the eye. In an interview with the New York Post, she followed up by saying, “Makeup is basically just an illusion. You can change the shape of any part of your face with just makeup alone.”

Yep. That’s part of an artist’s job. They use complicated makeup techniques to bring wide-spaced eyes closer together and fill out the mouth, among other tricks.

Shiny Makeup Can Play Tricks

If you’re catching on to one of the biggest makeup trends this season, know that rhinestone makeup, colored crystals and metallic eyeshadow can do the same thing. Usually makeup illusions use subtle applications with matte makeup. Shiny makeup has the same potential but the effects can be drastic because it reflects so much light. If you apply shiny eye makeup wrong, you can easily make your eyes droop, bring them too close together or just look like you put on years and with the shine.

Light and Shadows Are The Key to Illusion

First thing is to remember that shiny makeup, whether it’s glitter, rhinestones or shimmery products, makes the area where you apply it slightly bigger because it reflects light. This is great for evening makeup because it makes your features stand out. Light makeup, in general, makes some things bigger, while dark makeup puts your features in shadow and minimizes them. So makeup artists play with dark and light colors to make features smaller or bigger in different areas, uplift them and draw them closer or farther apart. 

So this is why following makeup artists on social media won’t help you much unless the model has similar features as yourself. 

How to Use Bling Makeup

Here are some tips:

Glitter Eyes

If your eyes are prominent, don’t add shiny makeup to your lids or use eyelid glitter. They will look more prominent. 

If your eyes are close together, use the shiny makeup on the outer edges. If they are wide apart, add shine and glitter to the inner corners.

Rhinestone Cheeks

To uplift your cheeks, add glitter or crystal rhinestones in the highlight area, which is under the eye towards the outer edge of your face. 

Shiny Lips

All lips can be made bigger with shiny glosses that have glitter. If your lips are small, avoid matte, as it’s the opposite to shiny makeup and will make your lips look smaller.

Crystal Forehead

If you want to use crystal rhinestones on your forehead, you should have a small to average sized forehead, but not a prominent one. 

Glitter Nose

One of my favorite makeup looks is using a coating of glitter across the nose area onto the center of your face. Use this look or wear glitter tears if you have a wide face. If your face is narrow, putting colored rhinestones there will make your face beak-like, something like an exotic bird.

So now that you know how to use it, go shine!