Product Review Sample: I Love Pixi’s Vitamin C Line. Here’s Why.

I live in a climate that’s hot and muggy most of the year. To go out, I need a handkerchief to mop the sweat off my forehead. So foundation and I don’t get along. That’s how I became regular with my skincare routine. I’m always looking for a way to not wear foundation and still have my skin looking tip top. Pixi’s Vitamin C skincare range opened up wonderful possibilities for me on this! Let me explain.

I’ve tried a number of vitamin C serums, creams and face washes. They all make my cinnamon skin look bleached. The benefits of vitamin C include the facts that they lighten and brighten, and dull skin goes away. But with many of these products, my skin becomes almost transparent. 

But the Pixi Vitamin C range evens out my skin tone in a way that’s similar to a light foundation. I’m not sure how they do it, but my eye is on the carrot root extract and the ferulic acid. 

Active Ingredients in Pixi Vitamin C Skincare Line

Since vitamin C is unstable on its own, it needs a supporting ingredient to keep it stable and effective. Pixi uses ferulic acid in this capacity, and it strengthens the power of the C greatly. I want to guess that this is why it works so quickly, almost immediately, and why the effects last longer than other vitamin C products I’ve tried.

But why carrot extract? It is high in vitamin A, that’s for sure. So in that way it works like retinol to anti-age your skin and increase cell turnover. Carrot extract is moisturizing too. But my bet on how this works is more simple. I think the beta carotene in the carrot extract provides a slight color that helps keep my skin from looking bleached. 

So, in all, you have your AHA in ferulic acid. Then there’s high antioxidant activity in the whole mix, between the ferulic acid, carrot extract and vitamin C. I’m going to take a second guess that this is why the effects last so long for me. These potent antioxidants work to preserve the formula on my face and help protect against sun damage.

Apart from that, Pixi’s Vitamin C skincare line features other good stuff, like orange blossom water, witch hazel, lactic acid and aloe vera. Let’s get into the details.

Product Details for the Pixi Vitamin C Skincare Line

Here are my thoughts on some of the most popular products in this line:

Vitamin C Juice Cleanser

This is a facial cleanser that’s meant to replace foaming face washes in the morning. It’s also used as a makeup remover at night. It’s kind of like micellar water, but it feels more soothing. It sprays on, which is nice. A little goes a very long way. My face feels great afterwards, and I find it to be perfect for irritated-skin days and when I need a mild cleanser instead of a soapy one.

It cleans well, but if you’re not used to using a product like this to cleanse your face, you’ll still be tempted to use a foaming cleanser instead.

Vitamin C Tonic

This is my favorite of the line. It contains carrot extract and is easy to pat into the skin. It evens out my skin texture quickly, doesn’t leave a residue and gives me an amazing glow. If you’re looking for a toner without alcohol, this is a good option.

It has a slight tingle because of its ferulic acid content, but it’s not too strong.

Vitamin C Serum

The serum is a slightly thicker version of the tonic. It contains carrot extract and beta carotene. I use the tonic during the day because of its light texture and great finishing. The serum is more appropriate for layering at night.

It’s very light but does its job of correcting, brightening and boosting collagen production. The serum smells super citrusy, and I feel like I’m applying oranges directly to my skin. It’s a little sticky when you’re using it, but leaves no residue when it’s dry.

Vitamin C Lotion

Layer this over the serum at night for the best effect. When applied to the skin, it leaves an oily finish that takes a while to absorb, so I don’t really like it for daytime use. It’s great for dry skin, though.

Vitamin C Caviar Balm

This is a thick, multi-tasking cream that acts as a winter moisturizer and an overnight sealing mask to layer on top of other skincare products. It’s nice to carry in your purse and use it when you’re out and about in cold weather. It contains shea butter and is healing for dry skin. The fragrance is very mild.

Because of its tackiness, some suggest this balm can be used as a primer, too. I wouldn’t go that far.

What About the Other Products in the Pixi Vitamin C Range?

There are some products I didn’t mention that are in this range. Some of them can be used in the same manner as the ones I talked about here. The ingredients, texture and delivery of the product might differ, though. For instance, the Vitamin C Remedy Mask can be used like an overnight mask, just like the Caviar Balm. An overnight mask is the last product you’ll use at night over your other skincare. The Remedy Mask is much more hydrating, like a jelly, while the Caviar Balm delivers more nutrients for moisturizing effects that last a longer time. 

The other three products I didn’t talk about are what I’ll call occasionals. These include facial masks, eye patches and a morning mist. You probably won’t use them every day like the ones mentioned here, but only once a week or as needed.

How to Use the Pixi Vitamin C Skincare Line Daily?

Here’s how to use this range in a daily application:

  1. In the morning, start with the cleanser, then use the tonic.
  2. If you want to apply foundation after that, go ahead, but I don’t need it.
  3. If your skin is dry or the weather is really cold, keep the caviar balm around for when your skin starts to feel tight or irritated during the day.
  4. Cleanse again in the evening.
  5. Then use the serum.
  6. Now slather on the lotion. I don’t recommend using the lotion in the day as it takes a while to absorb and leaves a greasy finish. It’s perfect for nighttime use, though. 

These products will really bring out the healthy glow to my skin and decrease the appearance of minor scarring. I like citrus fragrances, so I really feel pampered by these. Each layer smells a bit different from the last. And the fragrances are derived from essential oils, so they are not harmful to the skin. Enjoy!