Natural, Vegetarian Cold-Emulsifier

I won’t tell you how longs it’s been since I’ve been experimenting with making my own cold emulsifier. Well, long enough.

A natural, vegetarian, cold emulsifier is a natural product maker’s dream. Natural, as in harmless, because in the cosmetic world, the word “natural” is laughable. Vegetarian, as in, we all want to be cute, just not Miss Piggy style.

And for the fun part, no heat is needed to form the emulsion! No more peeking at thermometers and shaking, shaking and rotating …only to watch the oil slowly separate from the water. And on other days giving something a quick shake and leaving it in the fridge. Then coming back to a perfectly emulsified product. Ha, ha. The irony.

So yea. One day I set up the hunt, digging and digging until I struck gold. In Scotland.

The company is Once the Sucragel cold emulsifier in my eager hands, I’ll let you know how it goes.



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