Book Introduction: The Mediterranean Diet and Your Health

We all want to live long, healthy, lean lives. But if you are overworked (read: overstressed), a loving parent (read: extremely overstressed), or both… your stress levels could be tearing you down. 

Actually, they are tearing you down. Chronic or prolonged stress goes hand in hand with persistent, low-level cellular inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, can lead to weight gain, low energy levels and elevated blood pressure. 

Think of a pounding headache. The onset is usually stress. You might feel pressure (inflammation) in your brain, and it can get pretty explosive. While you don’t always feel pain or pressure with cellular inflammation, when your body experiences it over a long period of time, whether stress related or not, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, coronary disease, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s and even cancer can be the result. 

So inflammation can be a big deal. But it really doesn’t have to be. Eating a combination of steamed and roasted vegetables, fish and seafood, legumes and whole grains, fresh fruits, extra virgin olive oil and kitchen spices like thyme and sage, while keeping red meats, dairy, and processed grains and sugars to a minimum can reverse inflammation and keep you healthy and energized.

Additionally, the legumes, grains and vegetables (even for salads) are cooked in such a way to facilitate digestion and your body’s maximum use of nutrients.  

Eating this way has come to be known as the Mediterranean Diet, but cultures bordering the Mediterranean Sea just call it cooking and eating! Luckily for them, incidences of heart disease and other ailments that commonly plague western society are at a minimum. That includes stress. 

Depressed and Italian? Those two words just don’t go together. Depressed and Greek? Laughable. Depressed and Moroccan? Come on. These people are, I think, rightly characterized as being full of life, exuberance and energy.

Let’s grab some. This book will show you how to do so without spending hours in the kitchen.