Blog Article Sample: What is a Houston Elder Law Attorney

Houston elder law attorneys legally represent senior citizens and their guardians in pretty much all areas of life, just like a normal lawyer would. The difference is that an elder law attorney is a specialist in his or her field as it applies to older adults, just like there are general practitioners among physicians and specialists, as well. 

While there are laws in general that protect different minorities from discrimination and serve other groups, seniors come from every background, culture and race in within the United States. Therefore, due to their age, which often brings impaired cognizance and physical disabilities, those same laws that affect others on a wider scale, target the elder population who tend to be vulnerable to maltreatment, theft, scams and prejudice.

Due to this vulnerability, attorneys who work in elder law have to be more than just well-versed in legalities, but must have a clear understanding of the challenges that face older Americans. There are a host of organizations that help them do just that. Some of these are the:

  • National Legal Resource Center (NLRC)
  • National Elder Law Foundation (NELF)
  • National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC)
  • American Bar Association Commision on Law and Aging 

A perusal of the information contained in these websites gives the elderly consumer a good idea what type of assistance and advice to expect when dealing with elder law attorneys. Once expectations are set, it then becomes easier to select an attorney who will best meet his/her requirements. 

The National Legal Resource Center (NLRC),  a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, lists 15 different categories in which elder law attorneys operate, from consumer protection to health care. Some of the categories branch off into dozens of subtopics, and represent the truly wide range of services offered by the legal community to older Americans. 

The most common among these include:

  • Elder abuse of all sorts, be it financial, psychosocial, neglect, etc.;
  • Planning for end of life care, power of attorney, and wills;
  • How to apply for available government benefits; and
  • Healthcare.

If you are looking for an elder law attorney to help you navigate these issues and others, like raising grandchildren, age discrimination by employers, guardianship, consumer protection and debt collection, the NLRC has provider listings by state for elder law clinics and legal aid. Texas Law Help has similar listings, with more variety. Getting even more specific, a Google Maps search for “Houston elder law attorney” reveals the lawyers in metropolitan Houston who practice elder law, as well as specifics on their case specialties. Some of these include nursing home abuse, estate planning and Medicaid planning. But if you’re just looking for quick answers, the Legal Hotline for Texans has a number, (800) 622-2520, that is toll free. 

Happy hunting! With these tips, we hope you’ll find the legal representation in Houston that suits your needs.