About Hair and Beauty Consultant

I’m originally from Chicago, but I live in one of the hair and beauty centers of the world, the Dominican Republic. Here’s what I can bring to your outfit:

Background in cosmetology

Cosmetology covers hair science, products and styling, nail care and skincare. This field gave me the understanding of how products, ingredients and tools are meant to work. Having this foundation helps me easily spot fluff and unsubstantiated claims. So if you care about fact-checking, you need someone like me on your team.

Cosmetology doesn’t cover all the bases, though, right? Changes in the beauty world are constant, so I’m always exploring new trends and learning new techniques.

Hair and beauty expert

One way I keep on top of new trends is by working as a hair and beauty expert for journalists. When writers need a credible source of information or clarity on an issue, I respond to their requests. If you’re into credibility, you need someone like me on your team.

Being an expert is a great way to polish your skills. But it’s better when your expertise is well-rounded, right?

Hair and beauty writer

Over the past seven years, I’ve worked with multiple clients as a freelancer. This has helped keep a wholistic understanding of what audiences want and how products plan to deliver it. Over time, I’ve researched many markets to find just the right voice for the website, social media and blogs that target them.

That’s nice, too. (I admit.)

What’s missing here, though, is a direct eye to the world. The Dominican Republic is one of the centers of beauty, not the center. Still, I find that they do style better than most, and I’m always following their existing techniques and keeping a close eye on new ones.

You need someone like me on your team. So let’s get in touch.

Or contact me directly: hairandbeautywriter@gmail.com