Does Blue Light Damage Your Skin? Yes. Especially at Night

While the rest of you are out partying for the holidays, I’m at home. I’ve slathered on my skin care and am hoping to get a laugh out of social media. If you’re like me and prefer skincare rituals, your phone and your bed to a loud party, well, we might need to find something besides a screen to get to sleep.

If you thought you couldn’t get to sleep because of a neighbor’s music, guess again. The blue light of your screen affects your circadian rhythm (too). So kind of the way the music makes your body think it’s time to get up and get moving, even when you don’t want to, blue light does the same thing. It absorbs through your skin, making your body think it’s broad daylight. There are other problems with blue light and your skin, too.

The circadian rhythm allows the skin to time how it functions. But blue light tricks your skin into thinking it’s daylight, too. Your skin is naturally thicker and more protective during the day and thinner and more rejuvenating at night. That’s why nighttime skincare rituals are so effective at restoring our good looks. The skin is in repair mode at night, so your chemical exfoliant and night cream are just helping that along.

So, then, what happens if it’s nighttime, but your skin is thicker, thinking it’s daytime? It won’t readily absorb all those actives you slathered on before bed. Also, when the circadian rhythm of the skin gets thrown off, it accelerates skin damage and ageing. After all, repair time is more limited when you’re using your phone before bed.

And the more you lull yourself to sleep with a phone, the more the circadian rhythm of your entire body is disrupted. Then sleep becomes more and more elusive. Maybe it’s time for something different before bed. Chamomile tea, anyone?

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