Do Your No Makeup Makeup Like A Pro

Okay I love makeup, but I don’t always wear what’s popular. I tried blue lipstick once. Nah. I never wanted cat eyes. My facial bones stand out already, so I don’t need extra angles. I have brows that are already bushy, and I don’t want dark wings on my forehead.

Shall I go on? It’s been a weird 5 years or so. Thankfully, this is the year of a more natural looking beauty. So I’ve been told. I’m in. 

No more fear of getting the cakeface totally wrong or looking unpolished at the other end of the spectrum.

But what’s with all these reports about celebrities coming out on Instagram wearing no makeup, like, for real? My thought process goes something like this:

“That you?”

“I’m in for this!”

“Ugh. Wait. You have on foundationblush …and eyeliner!”

So instead of believing the hype, I look for what’s supposed to be nonexistent. No eye bags or dark circles? Unless you’re 15, I’m guessing you are concealing. “Oh! Is her neck a different color?” (Yep.) These are sure signs.

Well, let’s just say there is a way to get a no makeup look without people like me that are trained to look for makeup doing a classic double take.

A Skincare Routine is #1

Listen, collagen starts to degrade in the human body before 21 years of age. So even if you just officially became an adult, get a skincare routine. On your “no-makeup” days, start with exfoliation and a toner. Then do your facial massage when applying your moisturizer.

Improved circulation to the face can give you a glow like you’re already sporting highlighter.

Me with only a little eyeliner – no filters. That’s after two weeks of a consistent skincare routine. (Yea, consistency… I won’t show you what I look like today, because I haven’t been on my game.)


It isn’t just for taking off years around the eyes. That’s too obvious. Instead blend it into imperfections around the face, then go for a light dusting of powder to even out your skin tone without the need for foundation.


Instead of using concealer around the entire socket, pick up a nude matte eyeshadow pallette and go to work. The first shade you chose should match the skin around your eye so well that you can go around the entire eye. Do one eye at a time mimicking our natural facial structure with one or two other colors in the palette besides.

My Warrior II matte eyeshadow palette by Juvia’s. Top right is my perfect “concealer” match, and center top is for creating shadows.


Curl them first. Use one coat of black mascara, but only if your lashes are naturally dark. Otherwise use brown, aka Heidi Klum. (She has minimal makeup here, despite the headline.) Make sure to brush it out well. No clumps! No clumps! There you go.


Remember when you were in high school and you popped lip gloss on… and that was it? Guess what, a shiny lip gloss not only plumps your lips but it draws attention away from other areas of the face. The nice(r) thing about gloss is that you can use a liner to define your lips too, without anyone noticing.

Blush? None.

Highlighting? A little, if you must, as long as sparkles are kept out of the mix.

Any questions, class?

I’m here for you in the comments.

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